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The Sdünnger company was established due to the market demand for high-quality stainless steel tapes. The quality of our products is guaranteed by cooperation only with proven producers and the largest European steelworks.

We owe the dynamic development of the company to the involvement of qualified staff, which translates into many positive opinions and recommendations issued by clients cooperating with us.

Our domain is high stock levels and fast service, thanks to which we are able to fulfill even the largest orders immediately.

We encourage you to establish cooperation, believing that it will bring mutual satisfaction and benefits to both parties.

Our Offer

Steel tapes are used to create solid fastening bands tightened with buckles and strapping tools for poles, masts, trusses, booms, pipes, ventilation ducts, ladders, as well as road boards, signs and signals, etc.

In telecommunications, steel tapes are used in the construction of overhead networks. They are used to mount accessories in the form of cable storage racks, pole brackets and joints to power and telephone poles.

Sdünnger steel belts are made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees their long service life and high resistance to mechanical factors such as heavy loads and vibrations, as well as harmful atmospheric conditions such as low/high temperatures, UV radiation, acid rain. They are resistant to tearing and stretching, guaranteeing secure mounting without damaging the structure of poles, masts, trusses or chimneys.

Buckles/clips for steel tapeBuckles (clips/clips) are stainless steel elements used to make fastening bands from steel tape.

A steel strapping tool is a tool used to tension and cut steel tape.

Pole brackets are elements used in the construction of overhead installations enabling the attachment of guy ropes and cable grommets. Made of light aluminum alloy ensuring resistance to weather conditions. Mounted on a pole or wall using steel tape, bands or screws.

Guy and pass-through holders are passive elements used to suspend cables. Made of high-quality plastic (UV-resistant thermoplastic), stainless steel or durable aluminum/zinc alloys. Mounted to pole supports.

Due to the way of “holding” the cables, the holders are divided into guy holders and pass-through holders. The guy wires clamp onto the outer sheath of the cable or the supporting element (in the case of octal cables, e.g. S-XOTKTc) and are responsible for maintaining the appropriate tension of the cable between the spans, while the pass-through holders only support it. Pass-through holders are used to reduce the costs of overhead installations – instead of two extraction holders, one pass-through holder can be installed. In such a case, important factors include the distance between the poles – it should be approximately symmetrical and the terrain – there cannot be large differences in height between pole brackets mounted on adjacent poles.

Frame aluminum cable reserve


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